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How to prevent mold in your garage

sandboxie cracked by nael The garage isn't the first place most homeowners think will present a mold problem, but mold can infest your garage just like any other area of your home – and the basics behind preventing it are essentially the same in every space. Mold thrives in moist, dark, stale environments, so it's important to ensure your garage stays dry and well-ventilated. Mold problems are common, and even the most conscientious homeowners can be affected.

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Ask Angie’s List: What can I do about frozen gutters?

train sim 2013 keygen Frozen gutters and downspouts may seem like an inevitable effect of winter weather. But those heavy icicles hanging from your rooftop after a heavy snow or cold snap need not be a foregone conclusion. You can take steps to prevent them – and should – because they can damage gutters and lead to ice and water backing up on the roof and forming even more damaging ice dams. The weight of ice can sag the gutter or bring it down entirely.

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Ask Angie’s List: How can I prevent winter pests?

mobiola web camera for uiq3 crack Your relatives aren't the only guests who make themselves at home in your house over the holidays, and the other group is considerably less welcome. People often think rodents and insects go dormant during the winter months. And while many do indeed go into a kind of hibernation, others remain very active and seek to survive and thrive in the climate-controlled bliss of your home. Fortunately, you can keep pests away by taking some basic steps.

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A brightly colored flock of roosters inhabits Heritage Park in downtown Arroyo Grande. They began appearing in the SLO County area in the 1990s.