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Legalizing drugs may actually limit their use

download eboostr 4.5 pro crack The Global Commission on Drug Policy was formed in 2011 to study and make recommendations for dealing with drugs in society. For the past several years it has recommended we move toward some form of decriminalization or legalization. In their just-released 2018 report the commission calls for “regulation.” Regulation of drugs, as opposed to banning them, means allowing adults to use legally, but subject to sensible controls.

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Very small ball: S.F. Giants play racist damage control, and we’re still not buying it

sigview 2.5.1 keygen The San Francisco Giants tried to recover from the actions of Charles Johnson, their principal owner, who has donated to political causes that have been accused of being racist. But CEO Larry Baer’s attempt Monday at damage control by touting the organization’s other efforts only avoid the issue and made the controversy worse.

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Gov. Brown signed $1 billion in wildfire prevention — and none of it applies to the fires this year

xoom tablet cracked screen Protecting California from devastating wildfires was the Legislature’s biggest focus in this year’s session. Recognizing the urgency, lawmakers formed a special wildfire committee, heard from numerous experts, and, after several emotional debates, passed a $1 billion new law they said would “prevent catastrophic wildfires and protect Californians.”

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Trump rolls back clean car standards as air quality worsens

shugo chara on crack Cities in the San Joaquin Valley continue to land among the American Lung Association’s top 10 most polluted communities in the country. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the comment period closed on the Trump administration’s plans to ratchet back federal emissions standards and eliminate California’s authority to run its crucial car emissions programs. Although the administration has its eyes on greenhouse gas controls, what’s at stake is California’s ability to transition to low- and zero-emission vehicles, a transition essential to reducing the pollutants that threaten public health in California and elsewhere in the nation.

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Poor roads make vehicles work harder than they should

my otterbox commuter case cracked California is in a fight over fuel economy with Washington. But what California state officials and its drivers don’t realize is the quality of the state’s roads has an important impact the amount of fuel we use. It’s not just potholes either – the smoothness and stiffness of the roads we drive on determines how hard our vehicles have to work to reach their destination.

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New campaign provides loans to Latina-owned businesses

keygen yxplayer In California small businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the economy, employing nearly half of the state’s workforce, but they continue to have the hardest time accessing capital. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. grew five times faster than the national average. During this time, Latina businesses grew by 137 percent.

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A tuxedoed man representing American Bridge, a Democratic super PAC, tries to give Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, a "Corrupties" trophy as the congressman approaches his Washington, D.C. office on Wednesday, Jan. 17.